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Crater Lake panorama, by Markgorzynski

I trace the roots of my wanderlust back to 1971. That year for summer vacation, my parents, my best friend Scott and I went on a camping trip across the United States and Canada. From June 6 through August 20, our station wagon pulled an Apache trailer around the perimeter of the US. We went from home in North Miami to Georgia, over to California, up the coast into Canada, back down into Montana, over to Michigan and them back home to Miami. Yes, all that in 2-and-a-half months. They’d taken me on a similar trip right after I was born, but not surprisingly, I don’t remember a bit of it. Bless her heart, Mom made me keep a journal on this trip. It was sketchy, but I still have it all these years later. To this day, I keep a record of my travels whilst I’m on the road. Thanks, Mom.

At some point, we decided that each of us would get a place that “belonged” to that person. Some place that person loved so much, they had to “own” it. For Dad, it was a lake in Canada. For Mom, the Grand Tetons. Scott took Las Vegas (moreso the night lights). And me? It was Crater Lake. Unbelievably stunning, and when we got there in July, there were snowdrifts over 6 feet high. Having hardly ever been outside of Miami, it just amazed me. Someday I want to see it again.

Until then, thanks to the miracle that is Google Street View, I can take a virtual drive around the lake. If you’d like to see why I loved it so much, and still do, let me provide a few Street View links:

West Rim

North Rim

East Rim:

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