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Alright, the story so far. David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year. Because he was doing Hamlet and Love’s Labours Lost with the Royal Shakespeare Company last year, his last season is a foreshortened one, with only five stories. Two have aired in England: The Christmas special The Next Doctor (funny, sad, sweet and steampunky) and Planet of the Dead on Easter weekend (a good trad story). The Waters of Mars will air in November, and the final story will be a two-part Christmas special. This’ll be the first time that it’s been a two-parter. It’ll also be when Matt Smith appears as the Eleventh Doctor. I’m not sure about him, but I’ve not seen anything he’s done. Still, with Steven Moffat taking over running the show, I’m expecting good things.

Torchwood is doing a five-part story in July, called Children of the Earth. Dunno why Torchwood’s having a shorter season. *sigh*

At least it looks like The Sarah Jane Adventures will have a normal season this autumn. Plus it was recently announced that Tennant will appear on the show, doing a full story, not just a cameo, so that’s sneaking in an extra bit for him, which is terrif!

There’s also a cute mini-Who story courtesy of John Barrowman’s show Tonight’s the Night. You can see it here.

I think that about covers it for now. Stay tuned…

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Every state has it’s own collection of odd and interesting place names, and Florida is no exception. Some of my favorites include: DeFuniak Springs, Loxahatchee, Okahumpka, Sopchoppy, Two Egg, Umatilla, Wacahoota, Wewahitchka, Yeehaw Junction, Zolfo Springs

Same names as far-away places: Dallas, Lisbon, Venice

The solar system: Jupiter, Venus

The Shakespearean-sounding: Romeo, Juliette, Montague

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So here’s the thing. Term limits. Yes, it’s not all going to be fun and frivolity here. Occasionally, I shall opine on serious subjects.

So where was I? Oh, yeah, term limits. I’ve had this idea for years now, and never heard anybody else discuss something similar, so here goes.

Why do term limits proponents want inexperienced politicians? That would be the result of standard term limits. Would they want that in another job? For example, would you want your computer repaired by somebody who didn’t know a thing about computers? And politicians’ decisions affect far more people, so you think people would want folks who are good at the job.

I can understand the onus about career politicians, mind you. Absolute power corrupts, and all that.

My beef with politicians is how little time they spend doing their job. The higher up the chain, the worse it is. Especially regarding campaigning. It seems like most spend half or more of their time in office trying to get re-elected. It’s worse with Congress, where they only have two-year terms anyway.

So here’s my wacky suggestion. No term limits. A person could, say, be in Congress (or the Senate, or governor of a state, whatever) their entire life. Three, five or more terms, no problem. Just not consecutively.

See? They wouldn’t be campaigning in office, because they couldn’t get re-elected. It could also potentially alternate the party each term, so more balance. It’s not perfect, true. But it’s an interesting alternative, don’t you think?

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Another “season” of Dancing With The Stars has come to an end, and I’m mildly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Shawn Johnson. It’s just that I thought it would be Gilles Marini, but hoped Melissa Rycroft would win. Both were better at dancing and entertaining than Shawn, imho. Anyway, this frees my Monday and Tuesday nights up until they start again in September. How will ABC pimp its other shows until then? Love how they call 11 weeks a “season”, especially when there are two a year.

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I’ve been roadtripping around Florida the last couple of years, and plan on doing more. One of my goals is to visit all our state parks. There’s more than 150. People from outside Florida (and some people here) think all there is to see are beaches and amusement parks. But there’s so much more, and the state parks show that in a big way. Several of the most unique are in the panhandle west of Tallahassee. One little gem is Ponce de Leon Springs State Park. It’s between US 90 and I-10. The picture above was taken on Good Friday morning of 2008. It was chilly and I had the whole place to myself. Only stayed half-an-hour, because I had way more places to visit that weekend. I have a feeling it’s well visited during the warmer months.

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