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Ok, not so much a recipe, as it only has two ingredients. But a neat little desert, nonetheless. And something Mom came up with.

Ginger Float
Pour a can of ginger ale into a tall glass. Then add a couple of scoops of Haagen-Dazs ginger five ice cream. It needs to be a tall glass, since the effervescence nearly overflows out of the cup. Good for an upset stomach.

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The Doctor on Mars

Credit to Sonic Biro

The Doctor returns to the Ood Sphere?

So I scrounged around online and was able to watch The Waters of Mars. Probably would have been scarier if I wasn’t seeing it in 8 minute chunks every hour, but it was still pretty cool. Though what happens to the Doctor at the end may be the scariest thing of all. They’ve set it up well that it may be a good thing that his song is ending. Wow.

Speaking of his song ending, there’s a clip above from The End of Time that they showed on the BBC’s Children in Need special. Possibly spoiler-ish, so be warned. But it definitely tantalizes. Btw, part one of The End of Time airs the day after Christmas. Don’t know about part two, but I suspect it’ll be the following day. As y’all can see, I’ve got the countdown clock going for that.

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