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So I was listening to Lex and Terry last week, and I found out something that’s been bugging me since I started listening to the show. Whenever Peter does the news, it always starts with a clip of someone singing the line “I’ve got the news, bound up in a paper bag.” I couldn’t find out anything about who sang it. But last week, they were reminiscing and they mentioned that the line was sung by Taint, of all people. Apparently he wrote a song and performed it on the show sometime back. They played more of the song, and I couldn’t decide if it was decent or dreadful. It didn’t sound like Taint at all. At least that’s one of the great mysteries of the universe solved.

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I saw the premiere of the newest Doctor Who. Overall, I liked it. The new credit sequence I’m ambivalent about. The altered TARDIS interior will take getting used to, but I think I’ll get used to it. Matt Smith does make an energetic Doctor, rather like Tennant, which is a good thing. I really like the new companion, Amy Pond. Nice that they seem to be veering away from the companion’s family being so important. I hope they get back to the show being more about the Doctor and his companion. I think the show is in good hands, both in front of and behind the camera.

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Haven’t done that in a couple of years. I had bereavement time from the company, so I decided to take an extended time away. I brought Mom along, by proxy. She used to collect ET memorabilia, and she had a big stuffed teddy-bear-like one. I told her months ago that, after she was gone, I would take it with me on future excursions, so she’d always be with me.

So, the beginning and end of the trip were a bit aggravating, but the middle part was great.

Beginning: Got started late (left after 9 AM). The turnpike exit I wanted to get off at was a Sunpass only exit. So I had to go the extra forty-odd miles to Yeehaw Junction on the turnpike instead of backroading it.

End: Construction on I-75 at 9 at night made me pull of at a rest stop and take an hour-and-a-half nap. Didn’t get home until after midnight.

But just about everything in-between was marvelous. Weather was clear the whole way, and almost cool. Took over 1200 photos. Now the job of sorting through them. Such fun.

Here’s Google map links to show my approximate path each day:

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

I’ll share photos and such, but it’ll be a while. B/c, you know, 1200.

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