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Memorial Day

For those readers in the United States, take some time today to remember those who gave everything in service to our country. It’s more than just a three-day weekend, folks. Some of the history into how it became a national day of commemorating our fallen.

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So it was neat seeing the return of the Silurians. I always had a fondness for them, and wish they’d been used more. As to what happened at the end, I’m torn. And confused. Because if what happened, happened, then it should have un-caused what caused it, and not happened the way it happened, but that would have made it happen, yet not. Oh, it must be that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

Aside: That comes in a t-shirt. Cool!

Now I’ll really be interested to see how this season resolves. And maybe all the stuff that un-happened, will re-happen, if the cause of all the un-happenings is prevented from happening. Oi, I’m getting dizzy!

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And put up a Starbucks. Stumbled across this video on YouTube. I vaguely remember reading that H. P. Lovecraft’s home in Providence had been torn down. I never thought about what might have been built on the property after that. A Starbucks, of all things. The eldritch horror of it all.

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