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The Royal Albert Hall, shown during the 2008 BBC Proms season.

Way back in 1895, a music festival of sorts was created, centered around the Royal Albert Hall. Known initially as The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, it was shortened over the years to simply The Proms.

In 2008, the very first Doctor Who Prom was performed. And this year (this past weekend, in fact), another Who-themed Proms was presented. I found videos on YouTube of both of them, and put them together in an easy-to-listen to list. This one, in fact. You can listen to the entire 2010 performance on the BBC iPlayer here. But I dunno how long they’ll have it up there, it may be only a few days. So the YouTube list will likely be your best bet. Btw, if you’ve not seen this past season of Who, there are major spoilers mentioned by the hosts, so be warned.

The 2008 Proms videos actually show the concert, so you can see and hear what went on. The 2010 Proms hasn’t been televised. Yet. Supposedly it will be next month. Until then, you’ve got this.

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Never My Love

I heard this song on the radio recently and found it oddly familiar. I checked around and realized I had The 5th Dimension version. What was on the radio was the one by The Association, which came first. Compare and contrast, but a gorgeous song, any way you look at it.

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I mean, I liked Jason before. But the more I see of him from the new Conan movie, wow. The dread-free look is a vast improvement. The bod’s not bad either.

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Ah, the theme song for Whackjob Thursday on the Drive-Time Happy Hour. I don’t know where Mister PC found it, but it’s perversely mesmerizing in it’s awfulness. And the guy who performs it, Joey Linello… I’m amazed at such self-delusion. He has major label interest? Really? The guy makes William Hung look like a musical genius. Guess that does takes talent, of a sort.

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