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Couple of weeks back I stayed away from home Saturday and Sunday. I partially re-enacted my Easter trip earlier this year. Managed to knock out 4 counties worth of NRHPs, Okeechobee, Glades, Hendry and Highlands. Also made more of a dent in Polk. The routes:

Day 1Day 2


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Avast, ye scalliwags! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day again. Don’t be a landlubber. Draw a pint of grog and party like it be 1699. And don’t forget to talk like you’re flying the Jolly Roger! Arrrrrrrrr.

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This year’s Doctor Who Proms was finally shown this weekend, and it’s fab. Neat to see all the monsters and the Doctor and how well it all got integrated with the music. If you’re not in England, you’ll have to hunt to see it. Bits are on YouTube. But if you want to watch the whole thing, see it on timelord50’s blog. You can also find the first 4 seasons of new Who, the first 2 seasons of the Sarah Jane Adventures, and the K-9 series. Consider donating, too, to help keep the site going. Cheers!

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