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Off to the Keys

Leaving tomorrow morning, veeeeery early. Want to get to Miami after sunrise, Cape Florida State Park specifically, then head south from there. Back in few days, y’all.

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Gosh, it’s hard to believe it was a year ago today that Mom passed. Wasn’t sure how I’d be doing today, but it was OK. Probably helped that I took a couple of road trips this weekend.

Saturday went to Bunnell, then up and over to A1A and south. Couldn’t figure why there were so many bikers on the road, then found out it was Bike Week. Waah, traffic!

Sunday I went oppositely, to Davenport, Haines City, Winter Garden and Lake Wales. Finally got to see Bok Tower, which is pretty amazing. Mom and I got there on one of our last trips, but it was 6 pm when we arrived, so the gates were closed. I know she was with me as I finally got to see the tower and the grounds.

Oh, and goat milk fudge! So when I used to go down to Miami regularly, I’d mostly use US 27, ’cause it’s cheaper and more scenic than the Turnpike. I used to pass this place that sold goat milk fudge, and always meant to get some, but never did. In recent trips, I saw it was still there. Yesterday I at last stopped there and got some. Webb’s Candy Factory, it is. Fudge tasted good, not at all goaty. And I highly recommend getting ice cream. One scoop is nearly a pint! And for 2.95, not bad.

Nearly 600 photos got, and several more stamps in my Florida State Parks passport. Two-thirds done, huzzah!

Anyway, there have been ups and downs this past year, but mostly I’ve muddled through. What the future brings, that’ll be interesting.

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I almost hit a cow!


So I was driving south last Saturday to Arcadia, recreating parts of one of the last trips I took with mom last February. It was 4 pm and at this point I was on my way to the Miakka School House, then the Myakka River State Park. There were fenced-in farms on the right, and up ahead I saw a cow wandering along a ditch outside the fence. I slowed down in case it decided to cross the road. Well, it did, but fast. It was like a squirrel dashing in front of me. A squirrel that weighed hundreds of pounds. I have never seen a cow move that fast! I slammed on the brakes and missed it by only a few dozen feet. Seems I always have to have something eventful happen on any of my roadtrips.

I got to Arcadia later and stayed the night, tooled around the town until noon, then headed over to US 27 and north. Had to take a slight detour and visit one of my favorite spots in the state. I remember accidentally discovering it ages ago on the way back from Miami, when I still made semi-regular visits down there. I tried avoiding the turnpike, b/c I’m cheap, and US 27 was so much more scenic. One time I thought I’d try State Road 17 for a change. Just north of Frostproof, the road curves and then it looks like you’re going to go over a cliff. It’s just the way the road drops, but the view of a lake and hills covered with orange trees stretching away is pretty amazing. It only works if you’re going north. The rest of SR 17 is pretty cool, too. But take a gander at the spot of which I speak, and see if you agree.

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Just got back from this little gem on the west coast. I didn’t realize the state museum was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which means I’ll have to come back to get the stamp for my state park passport. Maychance in July, when Seahorse Key is open and I can visit the lighthouse too. Still and all, a lovely day, and I finally got to Atsena Otie. A nice little daytrip.

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