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Got back a couple days ago from a trip down south to Miami again. Unlike the trip over Thanksgiving last year, I spent a few days down there. Then I headed up the coast, finally heading home after reaching Cocoa Beach.

I really do not miss being down there at all. The traffic is a nightmare, complicated by construction all over the place. I photographed most of the NRHP stuff I needed, so whenever I get down there in future, I can breeze through and get the few things left, and not go back for a lo0000ng time. I so prefer being here in the Ocala area.

I hit a new record on photos, taking over 2,100. Which isn’t surprising, considering it was a week long. Averaging 300 a day is about right.

The next big areas I need to hit are Sarasota through Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. Though I’ll probably head back to Cocoa next week, since I’m going to a friend’s wedding in nearby Orlando. I can pop over and get the rest of Brevard County, and maybe the few bits of southern Volusia too. Then I’ll just need to hit St. Augustine and Jacksonville and I’ll have the whole east coast done. At least of things I wanna photograph.

I’m sorting through the massive number of photos, and will try to post some when I get through in a day or three.

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Did a daytrip to Orlando yesterday. I thought I’d finished Orange County, but there was a historic district (Lake Ivanhoe) that got added in December that I forgot about, so I’ll have to go back. At least there’s not much left, and I can get better shots of a few things whilst in the area.

The area was sure busy. Winter Park (pictured) was bustling and there was some sort of festival in downtown Orlando. The Keys were full of tourists when I was down there a few weeks ago. All good signs that things are looking up. Here’s hoping.

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Can I stop eating now?

Got back a while ago from the College of Central Florida campus, where they held the 23rd annual Taste of Ocala. Boy, do I feel like a stuffed pig, especially after doing Taste of St. Augustine yesterday.

Which is better? Depends. Do you like a smaller selection, payment at each food booth, but 8 hours to get your food and a neat spot to get it at? St. Augustine’s the way to go. Prefer only having to pay to get in then eat all you want, a large variety, but only 4 hours and in an open field? Then you’d like Ocala.

For me it’s a tie, ’cause the plusses and minuses kind of balance out. I do wish they weren’t the same weekend, but I don’t think either’s likely to change. When the weather’s this beautiful, you can’t go wrong with a good food festival, wherever you’re at. Get out and have fun, whatever way you like, that’s my advice.

Sorting through pictures, finally. After yesterday, I’m up to almost 2400, so I really need to stop and cull out what I want to upload before I go roadtripping again. It’s times like this I actually hope for crappy weather on the weekend.

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