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Thanksgiving ’11

Florida Power and Light substation, still there across the street from my old home in North Miami

This time last year, I was getting ready to make a prolonged excursion south. Specifically, I was in bed so I could leave at 3 in the morning on Thanksgiving day. I was going down to Miami, and wanted to get there and out of Dade County by noon. I wanted to knock out Opa-Locka early, since it’s so crime-ey now, and figured all the druggies and hookers would be asleep on Thanksgiving morning. Managed to do that, visit my old home (not changed too much, and the neighborhood hardly at all), see some other stuff and be in Broward County by 12:30. I had lunch with a old friend (hey, Jeff!), then headed up the coast the next few days, ending the excursion in Cocoa. The weather was, unfortunately, muggy and dismal the first few days, until I got out of Palm Beach County.

Being alone for the first time for the holidays, I had debated with myself and thought that it would be better for me to roadtrip on Thanksgiving. Overall, it was fun, and got lotsa photos. This year, though, I’ve photographed most of what I wanted, and wasn’t as much in a roadtrip mood. So I decided to make myself a Thanksgiving dinner. I’m going overboard (I hear Mom from heaven saying “So what else is new?”). I’m cooking a 12 pound turkey tomorrow, with a bunch of sides. It’s not a waste, though, since I’ll have plenty of leftovers to convert into all sorts of interesting meals the next few days. I also got a 7 pound ham, so I could make saupiquet, which I’ve not done in ages.

That’s it for now, gotta finish the skordalia. I’ve gotten hooked on “The Chew” and once I heard what it was (Greek garlic mashed potatoes), I had to add it to the list. Cheers, all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, here’s the skordalia recipe.

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