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Saupiquet still works

So I finally unfroze the ham and made saupiquet last night. Other than the outside getting a bit overdone, it was as melt-in-your-mouth yummy as I remembered. Ate more of it than I should, but it’s so dang good! I should make it more often, maybe once every couple of months.

I tweaked it a bit this time around, since I’ve made it enough times the old way. Nothing major. I couldn’t find summer savory, so I went with tarragon. Also added some water and a couple of splashes of red wine I’d gotten in Monticello in the Corningware pan to help keep it moist. When I took it out of the oven, I transferred the ham to a plate and put the corningware on a burner to make gravy. It’s how Mom made it with the turkey drippings for Thanksgiving.

I added some more red wine (I have a few bottles from visiting various wineries in the state), a beef bouillon cube, spices (garlic powder, onion powder, thyme and some others), and cornstarch to thicken. While I was doing it, I remembered the raisin gravy Mom used to make. I knew there was various dried fruit in the pantry, and when I checked, there was a big container of raisins. Very dried, as they’d not been used in ages, but still good. I scraped out some and added them to the gravy and let it simmer a while, to plump them up. It turned out nice, much better than the bizarre juniper berry/vinegar sauce that’s supposed to go with saupiquet. So I have leftover ham and gravy, and can have good eats for the rest of the week. Once work starts after that, I’ll finally be able to settle into a regular eating cycle again, hurrah.

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