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Today The Chew…

Today The Chew’s theme was the Sides of March, where they made their favorite side dishes. So while I was watching the DVRed show, I did my own. Side, that is. I microwaved half a cup of rice with 2 cups of water. Yeah, I like to put in extra to counteract excessive boiloff. Threw in some salt and pepper and dried garlic flakes and some squirts of Worcestershire sauce. The rice was a mix of white and brown, mostly white. I nuked it for 20 minutes, but at 17 and a half minutes, I threw in about a cup of broccoli. The end results were quite satisfying. Especially after I added some Velveeta (a few tablespoons worth) and some shakes of Parmesan (yes, Mario, it’s the indisputed king of cheeses). I was going to add more vegetables, but having it be simply cheesy broccoli and rice was nice. I can always vary it in future.

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