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Very vivid and detailed. I was moving to western Pennsylvania, either to get a new job or because I’d gotten one there. I’d bought a house and was getting ready to move in, but the previous owner hadn’t finished moving out yet. I went out the back to look around the neighborhood, and found out I was right next to the Rutger’s campus. I was regretting not visiting all the NRHPs in Florida, but not too much, since I’ve visited most of them. I was looking forward to exploring the historic stuff in the area, and thinking the Rutgers library could be helpful.

After waking up, I thought I’d check where Rutgers was. Well, it is in a state adjoining Pennsylvania, that being New Jersey. But since it’s to the east of Pennsylvania, it’s not really that close to where my dream house was. It’s just weird because I’ve not had a dream that extensive in a while. I can remember looking around the inside of the house and contemplating paint colors for the different rooms. There was a cobblestone path in back leading to Rutgers. It was an overcast day. I don’t think it portends anything, except that I have a very active subconscious. Hope y’all have fun in your dream travels, wherever they may take you.

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The Heartbreak Hotel (also known as Piney Woods Inn) is in Kenansville, in the central part of the state. The town is almost 50 miles north of Lake Okeechobee, and the hotel is just off U.S. 441. It was originally named the Piney Woods Inn, but the name changed after the Elvis Presley hit became popular. The old Kenansville Bank is across the street. The bank and the hotel are included in “A Guide to Florida’s Historic Architecture”. See more photos of Kenansville here.

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