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For a change, I made a microwave brownie “serving” in a square plastic container, about 6 inches square. It didn’t puff up much, and didn’t taste quite the same. Not bad, but it reminded me of something else. Then it hit me what that was. Pancakes. The more I thought, the more I realized that oil and flour are the basics for pancake batter.

So I made another “serving”, but this time doubling the recipe. I only added about a tablespoon of sugar, and no cocoa powder. Also I added some melted margarine. I cooked it for twice as long, flipping it semi-accidentally about half way through. It was so-so. The bottom was moist and a bit slimy. I think some of the oil settled to the bottom and didn’t fully incorporate.

Looking through pancake recipes, I also see a key ingredient is eggs. So I’ll try it again with an egg, and see what happens. I like pancakes, and haven’t had them in quite a while. If this works, it’ll give me another quick and easy breakfast option. The only down side is only being able to make one at a time.

Though as I’m thinking about it, maybe I can put some sort of divider in-between to make several at a time. Maybe parchment paper? Something that won’t burn. I suppose I could do several small bowls at once that would fit inside, and make something like silver dollar pancakes. I do know at the rate I’m going, I’m going to have to buy another bag of flour. Which is weird, ’cause I hardly ever use flour. When I make my brownies normally, I use boxed mix. It’ll be interesting what I can come up with, and what other tangents may result. Stay tuned!

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