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Last bit of catching up on the food front. So after Easter, I went into Winn-Dixie looking for some discount candy. There was some, but what I didn’t even consider is that ham might be on sale, too. There were quite a few shanks and shoulders for 1.39 per pound. I couldn’t pass that up, so I got an 8 pound one. After getting it home, it hit me that I could use it to make saupiquet! Yeah, twice in four months! I’ve gone years between making it. Now I know to keep an eye out for the discount ham after future Easters.

Did it the way I usually do, although I had no bay leaf. Didn’t hurt, since I add some poultry seasoning. I put it in a large pan on a metal rack, then almost enough water to cover the rack. Added some wine and garlic to the water. I figure that would help keep the meat moist, and the ham drippings into the water could be used to make a gravy.

The results were about as good as usual. I ate way too much of it after it was finished and cooled. Maybe a quarter of it. I covered and stuck the rest in the fridge, pan and all, and picked at the ham for most of the rest of April.

Of course, the liquid in the pan congealed. After a while, I took just the pan out and put it on the stove, heating it until the fat liquified again. Added more water, simmered for a bit, then let it cool. Before it resolidified, I poured it into ice trays and froze it. There was enough to fill four of them. Now it’s like I have bouillon cubes to make quickie soup, or add flavor to who knows what. I’ll tell you the results when I use some of them.

Also, once all the meat was gone, I wrapped up the hambone in aluminum foil and froze that too. So when I want to make some bean or split pea soup, I’ve got a great start for it. Waste not, want not, doncha know.

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