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The deeper into the heart of St. Augustine you get, the harder it is to find parking. Which is why the trolley tours (Ripley’s and Old Town) are so great. If you’re there only for a day, as I often am, just park as close to downtown as you can and be prepared for lots of walking. Which you should be anyway, but then St. Augustine is a very walkable city. The newer parking garage behind the visitor’s center is another option, especially in the summer since your car will be out of the sun. If you wind up visiting semi-regularly, you might want to get their ParkNow card. More info about parking possibilities here.

The last time I was in town (April, for the Taste of St. Augustine), I parked at the Nombre de Dios Church lot and spent the next two hours walking. No charge, but I’d recommend making a donation in the box at the bridge that leads to the Nombre de Dios site. You can’t miss it, just look for the 200 foot tall metal cross. It’s the estimated site of the first Spanish landing/settlement.

You’re betwixt two historic districts also, North City Historic District and Abbott Tract Historic District. Now you’ll be zigging and zagging the rest of the way. I’m just going to link to the sights below, because writing any detail about them would make this post go on forever. Plus there’ve been a gajillion books written about St. Augustine, many available in your local library. You can get much more information when you’re in town at the visitor center, which is a NRHP itself. Must-sees are the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, St. George Street, King Street, and the Gonzalez-Alvarez House. Spend a weekend getting acquainted with St. Augustine on your first visit, and I think you’ll find yourself coming back again and again. (see Google map) (see Google map) (see Google map)

Next we’re heading for Anastasia Island. See you on the road!

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