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I’m glad I waited to post about this, since I initially missed the DW-related addition to this season of DWTS. That’s Doctor Who-related. Katherine Jenkins! She did the Christmas Special back in 2010. The voice of an angel, which the part required. But her acting was fairly decent as well. I posted about it after the special, with the song she sang near the end.

Oh, poo. I just checked, and the song was removed. But found another one. Listen and bask, folks. If she has half the dance talent as singing ability, she’ll win. Heck, if it’s a tenth as good as her singing ability. We’ll have to wait and see.

I think I overlooked Katherine because of the others who’ll be on DWTS this time around. It’s been a while since they’ve had a good all-around selection. Jack Wagner and William Levy?! The hot is definitely being brought this season. I can just imagine how Bruno’s going to react to Levy. It’s not going to be even single entendre with him.

To check out the entire current “cast”, here you go.

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Just finished watching the first installment of “Torchwood: Miracle Day“. I like. Just enough backstory for those unfamiliar with the show, but nothing lost really from before. Interesting that they mention “the 456“, so that’s not been forgotten. I’m not sure Jack would have recovered as much, emotionally, as he seems to have done, but other than that, things look good. Will be interesting to see what the cause of “the miracle” turns out to be.

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Saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special this weekend and loved it. It was a marvelously bittersweet gem. Mr. Moffatt’s done it again. What made it for me especially was Katherine Jenkins. Such a lovely voice, and I nearly cried every time she sang. Take a listen via the YouTube link above.

Looking forward to next year, and seeing the Doctor in Utah, for real. Filmed there, doncha know.

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This year’s Doctor Who Proms was finally shown this weekend, and it’s fab. Neat to see all the monsters and the Doctor and how well it all got integrated with the music. If you’re not in England, you’ll have to hunt to see it. Bits are on YouTube. But if you want to watch the whole thing, see it on timelord50’s blog. You can also find the first 4 seasons of new Who, the first 2 seasons of the Sarah Jane Adventures, and the K-9 series. Consider donating, too, to help keep the site going. Cheers!

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The Royal Albert Hall, shown during the 2008 BBC Proms season.

Way back in 1895, a music festival of sorts was created, centered around the Royal Albert Hall. Known initially as The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, it was shortened over the years to simply The Proms.

In 2008, the very first Doctor Who Prom was performed. And this year (this past weekend, in fact), another Who-themed Proms was presented. I found videos on YouTube of both of them, and put them together in an easy-to-listen to list. This one, in fact. You can listen to the entire 2010 performance on the BBC iPlayer here. But I dunno how long they’ll have it up there, it may be only a few days. So the YouTube list will likely be your best bet. Btw, if you’ve not seen this past season of Who, there are major spoilers mentioned by the hosts, so be warned.

The 2008 Proms videos actually show the concert, so you can see and hear what went on. The 2010 Proms hasn’t been televised. Yet. Supposedly it will be next month. Until then, you’ve got this.

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