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Did anyone else find the second half disappointing, or was it just me? It could have been so much better. In some ways, I felt as cheated as I did at the 6th-to-7th Doctor “regeneration”.

Review with spoilers

The Master Race: Rassilon undoes this, but why? If they’re going to “ascend”, what does it matter? It felt like it was done only so the humans could be shown running around screaming, reacting to the weird planet in their sky. Which is odd, since it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

The Master: So the drums in the Master’s head were caused by the Time Lords. Which means everything he did was their fault. Can we say cop-out? He disappeared at the end. Did he survive? I hope not, ’cause he probably wouldn’t be a villain anymore. Gaaah!

The Vinvocci: They were fun, and I forgot about them, so their rescuing the Doctor was neat. But the whole thing on their spaceship felt like padding; it dragged on way too long.

Donna: An energy discharge, and woo-hoo, she’s OK and forgets everything again. Glad as I am she didn’t actually get killed, it was such a deus ex machina, in an episode chockfull of ’em.

The mysterious woman in white: We don’t know who she is, we don’t know why she appeared only to Wilf, or how she was able to do so. The implication is that she has some close personal connection to the Doctor. Most likely she’s supposed to be his mother, but she could as easily be his wife, or possibly even Susan’s mother. But we’ll never know, shall we.

Wilf: So he was the one to knock 4 times. Fine. And he kept meeting the Doctor b/c he would be responsible for his next regeneration? Not fine. Never happened before.

The Doctor: The Doctor falls through a glass window from God knows how high up, hits the floor, but that doesn’t cause him to regenerate?! Come on, Russell. At least this time, The Doctor himself saved the day, instead of one of his companions, as has happened at the end of nearly every season since the series came back. Which does rather demean the Doctor’s importance within the Whoniverse, to me, anyway. His sacrifice to save others, leading to regeneration, is typical, and the cause (energy/radiation overdose) has happened before. But his initial reaction to Wilf? I was shocked, it was so incredibly petty. Makes me almost glad he regenerated, if this is what the Doctor has come to. Much as I liked the idea of him visiting past companions, why has he never done this before? How could he hold off regenerating so long? Maybe it explains the violence of his regeneration when it finally happens. Out-of-universe, I’m sure it happened that way so Steven Moffatt would have a clean slate. I wasn’t moved nearly as much as I thought when he says before regenerating, “I don’t want to go.”

The Ood: Nice that they sang him to his rest, as it were.

The new Doctor: Not enough to tell. The preview clip I’ve seen for this coming season looks good, though.

Grade: C. And that’s being generous. There were bright spots, but they were more than counteracted by the buckets of technobabble, over-the-top dramatic histrionics, story self-indulgence and, more egregiously, tons of unexplained plot points. Honestly, I think it was the worst season end since the series has returned. David deserved a better send-off. I am looking forward to Steven’s reign on the show. After all, he wrote one of the best episodes ever.

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So this is it, no more David. The torch has been passed to Matt, who’ll be the eleventh doctor. I’ll comment on the episode later, after I’ve seen both parts in their entirety.

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Can’t wait ’til this weekend, so here’s my thoughts on The End of Time Part One. Click on the button below only if you’ve seen it, or don’t mind knowing. Also a wacky speculation or two.

Review with spoilers

The Master returns: No surprise, either, if you followed any of the pre-release press. The resurrection? I wish they’d explained it better.

Super-Master: So now the Master can fly and shoot energy bolts from his hands?! The obsessive eating I can take, since his resurrection was screwed up. But did that give him the extra abilities too? They were so unnecessary. And it demeaned one of the Master’s defining traits, his intellect. Now he can leap around and blast things like a cut-rate comic book villain. Sigh.

Wilf: Nice to see him back. I’m wondering about the whole him-and-the-Doctor coincidence thing. I hope it’s not some cheesy explanation.

Donna: So great to see her back. Though things don’t look good for her.

The mysterious woman in white: That only Wilf can see. Much speculation on that. Oh, oh, I had a thought. Maybe it’s Donna. You know, she’s half Time Lord now. And she’s remembering, so her brain’s burning up. Perhaps she’ll regenerate. Could the woman in white be like her version of the Watcher, then? Loved the bit with the TARDIS in the stained glass, nice touch.

The Vinvocci: At first I thought there was a Meglos connection, considering the Doctor’s familiarity. Which I misunderstood, as they’re related to the Zocci he’d met two Christmas specials ago.

The Master Race: OK, this was a clever Master-like scheme, but he fell into it. Again, too much of the coincidence. Wilf didn’t change, because he was in the isolation chamber. Donna didn’t change because she’s only half-human. I wonder if any other friends of the Doctor are might have escaped transformation. I could see maybe Mr. Smith protecting Sarah Jane and friends.

The Time Lords return: I’ve been waiting for this. Somehow, I never thought they’d be gone forever. I mean, the Doctor thought he’d wiped out the Daleks along with the Time Lords, and the Daleks kept turning up. So why not the Time Lords? The implication now seems to be that Gallifrey survived. But if so, how and where? Yeah, we’ll find out in a few days, but I feel like speculating now. The planet could have been phase and/or time shifted, or put in a pocket dimension or some such. Goodness knows there’s any number of potential technobabble explanations. The question for me is, why now? They could have stopped the Master before during The Year That Never Was, or the Daleks when they tried to destroy the freaking multiverse. Maybe, just maybe, they were waiting for the Doctor to completely finish off the Daleks, which he seemed to do after the whole reality bomb affair. Perhaps they needed a major jog in the timelines too. The Master essentially eliminating the human race in the 21st century, thus obviating all subsequent history, may have been the kick in the pants they needed.

We shall see. Soon, we shall see.

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Shortly, The End of Time will start, and tonight and next Friday we shall see the last of David Tennant as the tenth doctor. A bittersweet Christmas present indeed.

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The Doctor sees the end of time?

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The BBC has released the schedule for The End of Time. I’m surprised it’s not going to be on consecutive nights. Anyhoo, part one will be shown on December 25, and part two the following week on January 1. More information (which includes spoilers) is at the BBC Press Office.

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