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We start our tour of Madison County in the extreme northwestern part. Like close to the Georgia border. It’s the Concord Baptist Church. Not as hard to find as I thought it would be. Not the most impressive old church I’ve ever seen, but nice enough and well-maintained at least. (see Google map)

  • Concord Baptist Church (Northwest 140th Street, north of CR 150) (AGFHA)

If instead you chose to just head east from Monticello on US 90, you’ll pass through Greenville. The Bishop-Andrews Hotel is on US 90 to the right. It’s a B&B now.

You can drive south and see the downtown area. Some old buildings, mostly in sad shape. One of those Florida towns that look like it’s seen the last of its best days. Sad, since this was the home of Ray Charles. There’s a statue of him in the city park near the old hotel. Probably the part of town in the best condition. (see Google map)

Leaving behind the gloom of Greenville, you’ll travel some more mellow miles until you get to the seat of Madison County, Madison.

The downtown area is a historic district, but on the state level only. There are old houses and churches similar to the ones in Monticello, but it’s far from a carbon copy. The district is smaller, with fewer Spanish moss covered oak lined streets. There are also more new buildings along US 90 in Madison. Standouts here are the county courthouse, the Four Freedoms monument across from it, the Wardlaw-Smith House and the Dial-Goza House. (see Google map)

A straight shot east on SR 6 will get you to Madison Blue Springs State Park. From my one visit, it seems to be very popular. Lots of folks swimming and picnicking, and quite a few small boat trailers in the parking lot. (see Google map)

Next post, last but not least, Suwannee. See you on the road!

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The Wardlaw-Smith House is in Madison on the corner of SR 53 and US 90, in the Panhandle. Built around 1860, it is now owned by North Florida Community College and used as a conference center. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. See more photos here.

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Some of the pictures I took on various NRHP roadtrips around the state. This was the first year I had a digital camera.

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