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I’ve often said that if learn from your mistakes, I should be a mega-genius, as I’ve made more than a few. Like today.

One of my favorite sandwiches from childhood was bologna and cheese. Mom would make it for me quite often for lunch. As I grew older, I got away from sandwiches, and cooked more meals for myself. Now that I’m trying to eat more inexpensively and simply, I’m returning to old likes. Plus bologna is frequently on sale, so it’s a win-win.

Anyway, I didn’t have sliced cheese on hand, but I always have various sorts of shredded cheese around. Usually frozen, to keep longer. Since it’s shredded, it’s quick to defrost/melt. So I took a slice of bread and sprinkled liberally with shredded mozzarella. Then I stuck in the toast oven and toasted until the cheese had mostly melted. Maybe a minute? On another slice of bread, I put two slices of bologna. I didn’t toast that slice, because I wanted to see what the contrast in textures would be like.

Now, the mistake. Minor, really. I have several kinds of mustard in the fridge. Good for sandwiches, and some recipes. I really hate mayonnaise, so if I make a sandwich, I’ll usually put on mustard. Ketchup is mostly for burgers. So the kinds of mustard I have are regular yellow, spicy brown, dijon, and honey. Well, I wasn’t looking at the label of the bottle I took out. It looked like spicy brown, which I like on sandwiches. And hot dogs.

Have you guessed? It was honey mustard. My first bite, I wondered why it was so sweet. Then I looked back in the fridge, and saw what I’d done. Have to say, I liked it. I don’t tend to use the honey mustard much, as I think it’s more for glazing meat or other special recipes. I think I’ll have to change that. And another step closer to mega-genius-hood.

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Simple sandwich

I’m working on some future travel posts. I wanted something to knosh on, but didn’t want to take the time to cook something. But I didn’t want to just microwave a can of soup; I felt like making something.

So I looked in the fridge, and decided to make a quick sammie. I sliced up part of a tomato and put it on bread, spread on some hummus (which doesn’t spread as easy as peanut butter), and that’s it. Yep, a hummus and tomoto sandwich. Actually pretty good. I’ll have to remember for future occasions.

Btw, does hummus ever go bad? The package I have is months old, maybe over a year. No mold, no bad taste, nothing. I like food that doesn’t spoil, as I too often have to throw out stuff that gets unpleasant. Hmm.

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I’m finally getting around to posting stuff I did a while back. First off is corned beef sammies, which I made from leftovers from St. Patrick’s Day. Better late, and all that.

First, you’ll need to have cooked corned beef already on hand. Either left from a brisket, or gotten from a deli. Get a big baguette, and sliced it. Sliced up some onions and peppers and roast them in the toaster oven. Likewise zucchini, then broccoli and carrots. All tossed with some olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Fresh garlic might work too. Feel free to substitute with whatever vegetables you prefer. These are ones I like and had on hand.

Once all the veggies are roasted, array them for easy sandwich assembly. Slice the corned beef, if you haven’t already. Add some to the baguettes, and top with veggies. I add mustard (Dijon or spicy brown), but if you don’t like that, leave it off or use something else. I can’t imagine using ketchup or mayonnaise, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Oh, now you can eat. Try making some ahead for future lunches. Or just roast the veggies and refrigerate, then assemble the sandwiches when you want to eat them, so the bread doesn’t get too mushy. You can even make a purely veggie sandwich, or use other meats if you like. Yum!

Roasting the veggies and having them on hand gives you options. Cooking one day for the rest of the week can be really helpful. Something I learned from the Frugal Gourmet.

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