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Chamomile with allspice, cardamom, and anise seed. Yum!

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Tea for me

I like tea. I like coffee too, but that’s mostly for perking up in the morning. Tea I can have any time of the day. It’s simple to make, and there’s so many options. I don’t go for the fancy teas (big surprise). I usually use something simple, then add herbs and spices as the mood takes me. I’ve got bags of green tea and chamomile on hand, and they’ve been on hand for many moons. So I’m trying to use them up before getting new stuff.

Standard method is to microwave a cup of water for two minutes. Then I add a bag of green tea and a bag of chamomile. I’ll keep them at the bottom of the cup with a tablespoon. Add herbs and spices, steep for three minutes. Fish out the bags, double strain out the herbs and spaces. Add sweetener, pour into a quart plastic container, fill the rest of the way with more water.

Yeah, it might seem dilute to most. But that’s how I like it. It’s like those fancy flavored waters, but infinitely cheaper. The herbs I usually add (about an eighth to quarter teaspoon each) of any of the following:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Dried Mint

This time, I tried something new in the mix. Whilst fishing out the additional tea seasonings, my eyes lit on Five Spice Powder. When I cooked Chinese food more frequently, I used it a lot. Not so much for a while. Hmm, have to rectify that.

Anyway, I thought it might work in tea. I looked at the bottle and it contained anise, cinnamon, star anise (redundant?), cloves and ginger. No pepper in this version, so it was perfect!

Did the usual procedure. After straining, I added in a couple of squirts of honey while the tea was still hot, so it’d dissolve better, and stirred. Into the plastic container and filled it, added a bit of sweet n’ low. Tasted pretty good, but it’ll be better after it’s chilled. It actually looked on the strong side for me, so I’ll probably do a half cup of tea with more water added.

So, drink tea and live. I am fond of soda, but tea is so much better for you, and cheap-cheap-cheap. Especially the way I make it.

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