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Now for Vero Beach. I was looking forward to visiting here, as it’s one of the areas in the state I’ve never been. No, I take that back. My folks used to come here on occasion, and brought me along once. But I only vaguely remember playing on the beach at night, so it was like my first time.

It’s… nice. Big enough to have all the civilized amenities, without being like, say, Orlando or Jacksonville. Almost all the historic stuff is clustered around downtown, and there’s quite a bit. Another case of what should be a historic district not being one. I think there’s a neighborhood or two in the area that folks are trying to make a historic district. We’ll see how that turns out.

If you’re prioritizing your time, skip the Theodore Hausmann Estate. It’s on the NRHP, but it’s a private home that you can’t even see from the road. So unless you want to see a driveway that may or may not be historic, skip it. (see Google map)

Vero is at the east end of SR 60, a major east-west throughfare in the state. The eastern end is mostly rural, going through Yeehaw Junction, for example. But continue west and you’ll reach Lake Wales, after which you’ll be travelling through urbanized Florida. Bartow, then Brandon, and finally Tampa.

I know, not so much detail in this post. Some places move me, some not so much. But you can follow the links and decide where you wanna go. See you on the road!

Route length: 42 miles

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